Happy on the Silk Road

As we were traveling, Galen danced around in various places throughout Western China, using the Pharrell William’s song Happy as his dancing music. Some of the shots are done in hotels, an abandoned banqueting hall, on the interstate when our bus got stopped for thirty minutes because the road between Urumqi and Turpan was inexplicably …

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Video of Kashgar Sunday Market

Galen put together a great two minute video of our time around the Sunday market in Kashgar:

Galen’s Time Lapse Photography in Tianchi

Apologies for the delays, but, for those of yall who read the two posts about Tianchi National Park here and here, I wanted to post this fantastic video Galen put together, showing our campsite as the sun set and the stars raced across the sky. It’s amazing what Galen can do behind the camera.

Drink Horse One Army Video

Galen put together a great video of some of our time with Lily’s family in Drink Horse One Army: Don’t miss a single video from our adventure. Click the red Youtube button below to subscribe!

Hotels and Foreigners

China has long had a law allowing foreigners to only stay in hotels approved for foreigners. Yet, despite this law being on the books, I had never been turned away from a Chinese hotel in the two years I lived in this country, from 2006 to 2007 and then from 2009 to 2010, no matter …

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Thoughts of Failure

We were in the tiny town of Huangyuan, a little more than an hour outside of Xining. I had been standing on the road for an hour and a half. We had had about ten cars stop and offer us a ride, but all for money. On this trip, we have sometimes had to pay …

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Tiantang Video

You may have already read the post on Tiantang Temple here, but Galen put together a cool video of the temple as well. Apologizes for being a little late with this. The Chinese are slowing their internet down for political reasons. We may experience more troubles down the road. We will do our best to …

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Hike up Maya Snow Mountain – Tibetan Gansu Part III

If you haven’t already checked out Part I or Part II of this series, take a look at them before reading this post. In the 1990’s, our Tibetan friend had once done the hike we were doing, though it was different. Back then, they had travelled on foot from their village for two days. They …

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Approach up Maya Snow Mountain – Tibetan Gansu Part II

Note: If you haven’t already read the post about Huazangsi, click here. We were moving up out of the city and on the mountain road by 5:45. Though the sun had not yet risen, light illuminated the brown, scrub-less hills. The air had not quite dropped to freezing where we were, but, in the mountains, …

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Tibetans along the Silk Road – Tibetan Gansu Part I

The invitation came unexpectedly. An old friend on Facebook saw that the post I put up on our Silk Road Hitchhiking project. She contacted me in a message, telling me that a friend of hers was in Huazangsi, in Tianzhu County, just along the Silk Road in the Gansu Corridor, and she and an Australian …

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