Best Posts of the Silk

As more people come to our site after we have finished publishing, I wanted to give people a way to access the best posts that we had done. If you like the photos you see and the stories you read below, please feel free to explore more. Top 15 Posts 1. Drink Horse One Army …

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Our readers may have noticed the recent slowdown. We have not been posting everyday. Instead, we are getting to posts only once or twice a week. Galen and I have both been slammed by some commitments that we have to take care of. However, we are still planning on finishing the story of our trip. …

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Silk Road Hitchhikers on Amateur Travelers

I got an interview on the Amateur Traveler to promote the Silk Road Hitchhikers. Chris Christensen does a great job of putting these excellent travel podcasts together, and I had a great time talking with him. If you’re interested in hearing our show on our travels in Gansu, check

Making it Big in the Red and Black

Check out this article on us in the Red and Black: UGA grads hitchhike China’s Silk Road   Thanks again for the interview from Daniel Funke, a distant relative of Tobias Funke.

That’s Pearl River Delta

I have not mentioned this so far in the blog, but we are getting publicity from a lot of different groups. We even have a magazine in China publishing our stories. Unfortunately, they do not appear to be putting it in the online edition, but we are getting into print. Thanks again to Tom Lee …

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Bubonic Plague and the Silk Road

I am happy to announce that Galen and I are far away from Yumen, the city near Drink Horse One Army, featured in this post and this post and to be featured in two more posts. We are happy about this because, if we were there, we might not be making our flights back to …

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General Tso’s Revenge

From Galen: Sitting on the soothingly cold floor of the washroom, I felt fortunate that fate decided to let me go for quite some time before catching up with a vengeance. Engaged in an activity I cordially refer to as “returning my food to the wild,” this catch and release is more enthusiastic than I …

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Global Atlanta!

Silk Roaders: If you haven’t already seen it, check out the interview I did for Global Atlanta, a magazine about Atlanta’s connections with the world: I really appreciate Trevor Williams, the editor of Global Atlanta taking the time to talk to me, and John Shiffert, for putting me in touch with Trevor. Fun story, …

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Terra-cotta Warriors and Technological Failures

Created around 215 B.C., the Terra-cotta Warriors are Xian’s best-known attractions. At the time they were created, they were one of the most impressive technological wonders of the period. Thousands of soldiers with individual faces stare back at us across the millennia, each face painstakingly formed into an individual with what was then cutting-edge technology. …

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Rude Awakening

My entrance into China was a rude awakening. I was entering China from Taiwan via Hong Kong. Hong Kong being so small, I took the subway to the border and crossed there. I passed behind Hong Kong’s immigration and immediately a officer in a blue police uniform was yelling at someone. “Don’t cross that line,” …

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