Crossing the Irkeshtam Pass Border

Crossing the Irkeshtam Pass Border For those who are looking to cross the Irkeshtam Pass Border from China into Kyrgyzstan (or the other way, though some things may be different in that direction), I have prepared this post, which goes through the times which things happened. Another great resource came from our friend Josh at …

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We Ran – Leaving China

And I ran, I ran so far away I just ran, I ran all night and day I couldn’t get away   – Flock of Seagulls   If you have not read our account of how we got to Wuqia, where we underwent border processing, check it out here to get some background on what …

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Uighur Driver

Our journey to leave China began at the crack of dawn, six a.m. Xinjiang, eight a.m. Beijing. We piled out of our hotel quietly, trying not to attract police attention. The streets were deserted. A few taxis petered past us. We waited outside one of the bus stations where shared taxis gathered. The few cabs …

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Trust on the Karakurom Highway

The next morning, after that starry night, we hiked around the lake filming lambs and goats. We figured we had time to play around; the redneck Chinese truck driver had told us that he would probably be coming back sometime in the afternoon, so we cleaned our stuff out of the yurt and climbed back …

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Tashkurgan Photos

Here are some of the photos that I was not able to squeeze into the blog.

Karakul’s Amazing Nightsky

Here are some of the amazing photos that Galen took during our night at Karakul Lake, beside the 25,000 foot Muztagh Ata Mountain.

Karakul Lake – Volleyball at the Edge of the World

We were far off the beaten path now. Where we were, Karakul Lake, we were as close to Beirut as we were to Beijing. We were fifteen miles from Tajikistan, fifty from Afghanistan. Our driver dropped us off at the lakeside and told us that he would probably be coming back in the afternoon the …

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Getting to Karakul Lake

In the farthest West of China After we found a driver, we milled around for half an hour, eating pilaf for lunch while we waited for the pick-up truck’s other passengers to gather. It was around eleven o’clock, Xinjiang Time, by the time we left. The redneck Chinese guy driving our pickup gathered several other …

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Negotiating a Ride to Tashkurgan

We were trying to leave Kashgar for a lake on the Karakorum Highway, the world’s highest international highway, where we would camp out at Karakul Lake, just sixty miles from the town of Tashkurgan. Not sure where we could hitchhike from, we had originally wanted to take a bus there and hitchhike back. I went …

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Assassination News

Here is some news on the assassination that we covered here: