Galen Rides a Camel

Here are some pics of Galen riding a camel in the area around Turpan. They tried to upsell us on services. We paid $1.50 USD for a two hundred foot ride, but they took Galen around a thousand feet. They wanted to have us pay $5USD to do an hour long trek up into the …

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Mummies of Turpan

I entered the museum’s exhibit hall. The air was quiet and the entrance dark. The sensation was not normal for China. It felt like I was entering a church, somewhere holy and slightly frightening. Inside the first exhibit, the rumpled body of a man lay on a wooden bed, his legs folded up, a white …

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Turpan – The Real Silk Road

Turpan in Relation to Urumqi Xinjiang province is really two totally different places. The north and the south are distinct culturally, geographically and ethnically. The north is dominated by Han Chinese and our trips in the north were mostly snowy mountains and alpine pastures filled with Kazak herders. The southern half of Xinjiang is desert …

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Initial Conclusions about China’s National Parks

   “Leave it as it is. You cannot improve on it. The ages have been at work on it, and man con only mar it.” – Theodore Roosevelt’s advice on the Grand Canyon   Our recent trips out into Tianchi National Park and Nanshan have taught us a little about China and its wild spaces. …

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The landscape shifted rapidly from farmland to lifeless desert hills to mountainous foothills speckled with shrubs. Finally, we arrived in the green cocoon of the Tianshan Mountains, at a place called Nanshan. Near the parking lot of Nanshan Getting out at the parking lot of Nanshan was not all that different from the parking lot …

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Galen’s Time Lapse Photography in Tianchi

Apologies for the delays, but, for those of yall who read the two posts about Tianchi National Park here and here, I wanted to post this fantastic video Galen put together, showing our campsite as the sun set and the stars raced across the sky. It’s amazing what Galen can do behind the camera.

Another Ad

My readers may remember a contest I had in July, having people guess what the nature of an advertisement I found was. I have found another ad of the same nature, another abortion ad, and I was surprised by how similar they are.

Night – Tianchi Part II

Make sure you check out the previous post before reading this one. The temperature cooled as we moved deeper into the valley behind the lake. We had abandoned the lake, the Tianchi National Park’s main tourist draw, looking for something wild. We followed the concrete spillway up the creek as the sun dropped below the …

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Day – Tianchi Part I

Tianchi National Parks is one of the most famous in China. The word, “Tianchi,” means “Heavenly Lake” in Chinese, and, staring out over the lake, it is easy to see why, long ago, it was given that name. The alpine lake is nestled among steep mountain walls on either side, some of the walls lush …

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A Walk through Uighur Urumqi

A line divides Urumqi city. Most Chinese will not pass south of that line, at Nanmen, the South Gate. Instead, the Han Chinese stick to Urumqi’s northern suburbs, the conurbation stretching miles and miles north, most of which was built in the past decade as Beijing encouraged Han Chinese to settle the province. Entering south …

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