Best Posts of the Silk

As more people come to our site after we have finished publishing, I wanted to give people a way to access the best posts that we had done. If you like the photos you see and the stories you read below, please feel free to explore more. Top 15 Posts 1. Drink Horse One Army …

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Our Silk Road

On this trip, we have done nothing but talk about the Silk Road, so it seems unwise to begin the final post of the trip by discussing how the Silk Road never really existed. But that is what I am going to do. In fact, it would be more accurate to say that the Silk …

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Silk Road Hitchhikers on Amateur Travelers

I got an interview on the Amateur Traveler to promote the Silk Road Hitchhikers. Chris Christensen does a great job of putting these excellent travel podcasts together, and I had a great time talking with him. If you’re interested in hearing our show on our travels in Gansu, check